Vyborg's Gate and Guardhouse

The Vyborg Gate of the Hamina fortress was in this place. The gate was one of the three gates of the fortress. The main road through Hamina passed through the gates of Vyborg and Lappeenranta. Next to the Gate it is the Guard House of Vyborg. The guardhouse was built in 1776.


The Swedes started planning and building the fortress at the beginning of the 18th century. In the Peace of Turku in 1743, Hamina became part of Russia. The Russians continued to build the fortress. Now, however, the defencive direction was turned 180 degrees. At the beginning of the 19th century, the fortress was practically empty.

Hamina Fortress

In Hamina's symmetrical fortress model, the circle was geometrically divided by squares in such a way that an octagonal polygon was created.

There are only two such star-shaped fortresses, inside which there is a town in the shape of a circle, left in Europe: Hamina and Palmanova.

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