Reserve Officer School Museum – Soldier’s Home nr:1

The Hamina Soldiers’ Home Association built this building to serve the conscripts in national service. The city of Hamina donated the plot to the Association in 1941. The building was completed in 1948 and was inaugurated in 1950. The bricks used to build the house are bricks from the Cadet School’s Administration building, which was damaged in the Winter War and demolished after the war. The Soldiers’ Home operated in the building until 1988. After that, the Hamina Garrison's Officers' Club was located there. The Reserve Officer School Museum has been operating in the building since 1996.

Hilda Myyryläinen, the president of the association, and Siiri Vehkaoja, the vice-president, played a significant part in the creation of the building. The building's drawings were prepared by architect Martha Lilius-Tallroth. The interior of the building was dominated by a large hall with a stage. The library, kitchen and other utility rooms were located on the same level. Part of the second floor was used as a residence. The ground floor became a storage room and a “quiet” room. If necessary, the Great Hall also served as a movie theatre, for which a fire-insulated booth for a movie machine was built on the upper floor.   

The Soldiers’ Home Association bought 100,000 of the old bricks of the Cadet School’s Hall building from the Ministry of Defence for the price of one mark per piece. The construction of the building cost FIM 10 million. Entrepreneurs and individuals from Hamina assisted the project. On the street side, there was an outdoor terrace decorated with flower plantings. Simultaneously with the completion of the building in 1948, the Reserve Officer School started operating again in Hamina. Soldiers’ Home no:1 the "first mess" became a popular place for reserve officer students.

Reserve Officer School Museum

Opened in 1996 and expanded in 2000 The Reserve Officer School Museum tells about reserve officer training In Finland for a hundred years. The Student Support Association is responsible for the museum maintenance and development.About 8,000 guests visit the museum every year and there are more than 900 objects on display, from documents, photos and badges to field guns.

Hamina Fortress

In Hamina's symmetrical fortress model, the circle was geometrically divided by squares in such a way that an octagonal polygon was created.

There are only two such star-shaped fortresses, inside which there is a town in the shape of a circle, left in Europe: Hamina and Palmanova.

Welcome in the midst of history

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