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St. Peter's and St.Paul's Church Memorial Chapel

The Orthodox chapel was built in 1837 in memory of the wooden St. Peter’s and Paul’s Orthodox Church that was located in the middle of the school’s parade field. The chapel is part of the same building complex as the current St. Peter’s and St. Paul’s Orthodox Church.


There have been several Orthodox church buildings in Hamina during the parish's history. The first wooden church was inaugurated on Christmas Day 1744. It was designed by the architect Trezini and dedicated to the memory of the apostles Peter and Paul. The church was located near the current main building of the Reserve Officer School. The first church was demolished in the early 1780s and a new wooden church was built on the same site in 1785. This second church was destroyed in the great fire of Hamina in 1821

Hamina Fortress

In Hamina's symmetrical fortress model, the circle was geometrically divided by squares in such a way that an octagonal polygon was created.

There are only two such star-shaped fortresses, inside which there is a town in the shape of a circle, left in Europe: Hamina and Palmanova.

Welcome in the midst of history

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